Josh B Wood
Josh Wood djembe

I play both acoustic and electronic hand percussion.

I've done various recordings and
live performances in all kinds
of musical situations: large and
small venues; in numerous bands
and ensembles; accompanying
many singer-songwriters; and
even accompanying belly dancers.

The djembe is my main hand
drum, but I love playing and
experimenting with the
doumbek, congas, the cajon,
and just about any other
hand drum or percussion
instrument I can get my
hands on—including ones
I concoct.

I also play the Roland Handsonic,
an amazing electronic hand
percussion instrument that can
mimic all kinds of hand drums and
synthesize other cool sounds.


I play both acoustic and electronic drum set.
I graduated Berklee with a Bachelor of Music degree,
Performance Major, Drum Set Principal.

I've done recordings and live performances in many venues
large and small, including Pianos, Arlene's Grocery, and
Sullivan Hall in NYC; House of Blues and Berklee Performance
Center in Boston; Six Flags in NJ; and People's Republic of China.

Josh Wood drumset
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