Josh B Wood

Josh Wood djembe


I play both acoustic and electronic hand percussion.

I've done various recordings and live performances in all kinds of musical situations:
large and small venues; in numerous bands and ensembles; accompanying many
singer-songwriters; and even accompanying belly dancers.

The djembe and doumbek are my main hand drums, but I also love playing and experimenting with the congas, the cajon, and just about any other hand drum or percussion instrument I can get my hands on—including ones I concoct.

I also play the Roland Handsonic, an amazing electronic hand percussion instrument
that can mimic all kinds of hand drums and synthesize other cool sounds.



BAZAAR blends a variety of global acoustic styles using energetic, inventive arrangements, and drawing on influences from across the Near East and Europe--spicing up melodies from Turkey and Iran with Spanish, Balkan, and even Celtic elements. This ensemble's instrumental sets can best be described as a celebratory, cross-cultural conversation among good friends. Members include violinist Samantha Gillogly (Revival The Show, Spellbound Strings), Turkish guitarist/saz-player Fahri Evren Kaya, and me on hand percussion. Bazaar has performed around New York City at venues such as The Beast
Next Door, Ta-Da! Youth Theater, Bohemian Hall, and Nuyorican Poets Cafe.

In the Spring of 2018, through a highly competitive audition process, BAZAAR became part of the coveted MUNY (Music Under New York) program.

You may catch us at Fulton Street, Union Square or Grand Central station one evening! Follow us at BazaarBandNYC on Facebook!

Violin, Samantha Gillogly
Saz and Guitar, Fahri Evren Kaya
Percussion, Josh B Wood

Bazaar at The Beast Next Door


I play both acoustic and electronic drum set.
I graduated Berklee with a Bachelor of Music degree,
Performance Major, Drum Set Principal.

I've done recordings and live performances in many venues large and small, including Pianos, Arlene's Grocery, and Sullivan Hall in NYC; House of Blues and Berklee Performance Center in Boston; Six Flags in NJ; and People's Republic of China.

Josh Wood drumset


Ben Levin Group
Pulse of a Nation (2010)
Handsonic and Percussion

Ben Levin Group, Pulse of a Nation

Felix Martin
Bizarre Rejection (2010)
Drums: tracks 3, 4, 5, 6

Felix Martin, Bizarre Rejection

Ben Levin Group
Departure (2009)
Drums: tracks 1, 2, 3, 7, 8

Ben Levin Group, Departure

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